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Strand Century Mantrix Console

A regular phone call I receive at least once a month is if I have an operator’s manual I can mail them.  Well, I am mailing the last one today.  From now on everyone can benefit from the time I took to scan in my last manual.  This is the same manual I mail out except I was printing it before.  I have now converted it into a PDF that weighs in under 2MB and 41 pages.  So go on and download it now.


Strand Lighting LBM and LBM+ consoles (Light Board M)

If you’ve ever had your LBM / LBM+ console go berserkie on you and give you a screenful of random characters you have scrambled operating memory. Sure you can perform the clear functions but that only clears the show memory. What you need to do is clear the operating memory. This is done by unplugging the console from AC power and, using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the upper left module (usually a channel module) WITHOUT pulling the LAN cable that connects that module to the rest of the system. Note that if you have a single tier console you should probably remove the second module from the left instead, but this may vary Before doing anything else look at the module you removed and note the position of the dip switch. This switch sets the modules LAN address and if it’s wrong, funny things will happen.

Now look for a small PCB (about 2 by 3 inches) with a Molex connector and two round silver topped, green body (usually) capacitors that measure 0.47 Farads (supercaps). The location of this PCB may vary so be prepared to hunt for it if need be. The cable that connects to the Molex connector is what carries the voltage to the CCU PCB (the big main board mounted on the bottom pan) to backup the memory when power completely fails for LBM’s and when power is switched off for LBM+’s. It will hold a charge for about 2-3 days so don’t expect much. So what you want to do is disconnect this cable and wait about 1-2 minutes while all the CCU capacitors drain. After that reconnect everything and remount the removed module and turn on the console. The show memory should be cleared now through the consoles menu system. Now your console should be back to normal if it doesn’t have any hardware problems.



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