So, you think you got a broken piece of equipment and are looking to get it repaired...

If you have a piece of Strand Lighting equipment that is broken and out of warranty we are your best bet - whether it is a CD80 dimmer rack or a 520i LightPalette console that needs its software updated, we can do it faster and cheaper than the Strand Lighting factory. Or maybe you need a retrofit?  With the help of Johnson Systems we can set you up for the future

If you equipment is in warranty call the factory - why should you pay for something when you shouldn’t?  Save your money.

Strand Lighting, Johnson Systems, Century, and Electro Controls products covered (everytime I look at this list I remember something else...):




You can send it to me at Emlight (CA)  or give me a call at 323-261-5162 or contact me via the contacts page ... which is not up yet but I believe is titled untilted13 for now...

PS the webmaster address on the top of each page does work but is heavily spam filtered at the server end because of all the junk sent everyday - 1-2 thousand a day of junk email so there is a very good chance your email sent there will go to never never land where the magic smoke from broken dimmers goes.

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