Sometimes you have a system (or a budget) where an upgrade / retro-fit  makes much more sense than a complete replacement.

CD-2000Case in point: the CD80 rack.  Super reliable, hardy, well made.  If only the electronics were modern and equally hardy.  No problem.  You are in the market for a Johnson Systems CD-2000 upgrade.  These upgrades completely replace all your electronics in the rack including the fans.  What you get is top of the line electronics in a fool proof package that can even be retro-fitted in rolling racks!  This thing goes in so smoothly that I had a customer over 500 miles from me put one in by himself with a preliminary manual that lack diagrams when these things were barely out of manufacturing.  It doesn’t get more fool proof than that.  And the CD-2000 comes with a 3 year warranty.  What more do you want?  Read more about it here.

What about if you have that old standard from Electro-controls (or Strand Electro Controls), the Quad rack.  Don’t despair, the QD-2000 is here.  Offering all the features and ease of installation of the CD-2000 in package made just for the Quad rack.  With so many variations of Quad racks out in the field I find it amazing that Johnson Systems has designed a product to retrofit them all!  Most of the units I have put in are run by Premiere front ends.  No problem and you can now switch the Premiere system over to DMX for a more robust signal line to the QD-2000.  An remember, 3 year warranty also applies.  Contact Emlight or the Johnson Systems factory and tell them that Maurice from Emlight sent you.



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