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Strand Lighting CD80 portable dimmers. Whether in pack form or single dimmer form, these dimmer packages are true CD80 dimmers, reliable and tough.

The Strand Lighting CD80 dimmer pack has gone through three major revisions.

The Strand Lighting CD80 single dimmer comes in two flavors: a DMX capable unit and a strictly analog unit.

The CD80 portable dimmers can often be easily repaired as most of the parts are commonly available. The most common failure is a bad SSR (SCR in some early 6kW x 6 and 12kW x 6 packs). After that the CD80 portable packs are usually free from major problems and often run over ten years without fail.

The two most common reasons CD80 electronics fails are because of lighting and ground loops. Fortunately, Emlight offers complete repairs on the electronics except for the CD80 single dimmer DMX receive card. This card is entirely surface mount based and is not easily repaired. But, aside from broken address switches and a bad regulator, this card rarely fails. The removeable controllers on the packs and the single dimmer models also make electronic repairs easy and painless for the end user.


CD80 digital pack controller settings

So what do all those dip switches do on the front panel of the CD80 digital pack controller do anyway?  Well below is a graphic i created back when I worked at Lytemare.

Strand Lighting CD-80 digital pack dip switch settings

Note that on newer CD80 digital pack controllers this can be found on the actual unit itself either in sticker form or silk-screened.  Also note that the first dip switch will most likely be labelled “reserved”.  As long as you do not have some extremely early version of the CD80 digital pack controller firmware, it should function as listed above.




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